I found a good place to memorize English words:ShanBay

There are 3 features fit me well.

Firstly,it has many word books for different kinds of people and you can chose one or severl books from it,for example,a GRE word book.This is nearly all you have to do.Eveyday when you log in,it will automatically push some new words to you,and throuth reading,writing,listing,and guessing,you can learn them well.
Secondly,you can build your own word storage. As for me,I am a programmer,so evry day i have to read more or less some english material.When i see a new IT word,I can add it to my word storage.I think this function will also help you,so long as you have to read english material.

I guess you might think this function sounds normal.What make it fantastic is that the words you add in to your storage can also be pushed to you ,which force you to memorize them.

Thirdly,it follows some rule of memory. As we all know,having memorized some new words today does not mean you can remember them tomorrow,as Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve discribes in detail. Every day when you finish the learning of the new words,you can meet them again and again in the following days.When you believe you could not forget them anymore,you can mark them,and they will not be pushed to you anymore ,but still in your word storage and you can revise them any time you like .

We Chinese says,a workman must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well.However,the most important thing is always the perseverance.